Sunday Prayers October

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Call to Worship

Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth
Sing glory to God's name, God's glorious name.
All the earth worships You;

they sing praises to Your name.

Open our ears to listen.                                                            Open our eyes to see Your face.
In this hour of worship take away the busyness of the week
as we give it to You, our Heavenly Father.


Prayers of Adoration, Thanksgiving and Confession

Loving Father God,
We come to You now,

with hearts full of love and thanksgiving.                                    You are the most caring, forgiving Father;

"Abba", as Your son Jesus called You.

How privileged are we,

that we can talk freely and personally to You –
the genius Creator of the whole world.                                        We can be selfish, lazy and foolish sometimes,
but when we ask for Your forgiveness,

You are quick to forgive us.                                            

You protect us, and guard us, and lovingly answer our prayers when we ask for guidance and protection.                                When we come to a crossroads,

or have important decisions to make,
You take time to listen to us,

and help us to choose the right path.                                      You listen to our voices when we pray for others,                        and Your healing powers are wonderful to behold.

You know us so well,

and You love to hear our voices                                                  as we open our hearts to You,

Father God.                                                                           

You have often come to our rescue                                            when we have strayed from Your perfect ways,
and we humbly and gratefully now

we give You thanks and adoration for Your goodness.

You have often given us strength when we were weak or weary
and we pray that we can be brave enough to share the truth of Your power,
and Your unfailing love with others.

With Your help we can live lives worthy of You,
we can say what You would say to help others,
or act generously and sincerely when we hear of people in need.

We are humbled, Lord God,
that You willingly take time to listen to us,                                  sinful and misguided as we sometimes are.

How gracious of You, Our Father and Creator,
to pay attention to us, to care what happens to us, to love us,      undeserving as we are.

We bless You for sending Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
to be such a perfect example for us to follow.                              You sent Him to live for us, to teach us,
and to show us a perfect example of how to live our lives.
Then, Father God,
You asked Him to give up His life for us                                      by dying a cruel and humiliating death on the Cross.                    Lord God, You raised Him on the third day –

our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.
Your perfect plan was then to send us Your Holy Spirit,                to live in us, and through us.                                                    Thank You Father, for creating us,

redeeming us and sustaining us.
We love You, and trust You for every aspect of our lives.


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

God loves, God listens, God answers . 

The answers may not be the ones we expect,

but no prayer for our sisters and brothers is ever wasted.

So let us pray.

Loving God, because the world’s problems and miseries are so vast and complex, and because we are neither wise enough, nor resourceful and strong enough to put things to right, we pray for your divine assistance in every sphere.

Be with those who are struggling for justice and peace                among nations and communities.

Be with those who through research or hands-on care                  are fighting disease and suffering.

Be with those who are trying to govern wisely,

and those who administer justice.

Be with those who care for the dignity of the unemployed,          handicapped and the homeless.

Be with those who provide education for our children                  and advanced skills for young adults.

Be with those who are pastors in churches, hospitals,                  industry and care homes.

Be with all those who in spite of the help that is offered              are still finding it hard to cope

and find themselves at their wits end.


Loving God, Friend of all who turn to you,                                and Friend also of those who in anger turn away from you,          in your love embrace this world with your almighty tenderness,    and lead us from all that is hurtful and destructive

to grace, mercy and peace.                                                            

In the name of Christ Jesus.



The Dismissal                                                                           

You, our God, walk with us, eat with us, sleep with us.
In every beat of our heart, you are there.
So as we leave where we sit and stand in this place,
we take You with us, in all we do.


The Grace



Call to Worship


Here we have the opportune time to re-ground ourselves in God.

It is time for pausing and praising, for thinking and thanking,

for listening and learning, for confessing and forgiving.


This is time for allowing ourselves to be loved and cherished

by a Lover who will never leave us or forsake us.




Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession


Holy Friend, words about you are no substitute for the real thing. We thank you for the special times of the spirit;

for those brief moments of Divine light,

when nothing separates us from you

and we can experience a fragment of pure wonder and love.     

We thank you for the simple triggers you choose for these moments of light:

A piece of music, a walk by the sea, a phrase in a prayer.

The song of a thrush, the eyes of a friend, a line in a hymn.

A ripple on still waters, a word of Scripture,

the soft cheek of a baby.

A tiny orchid, a loved one’s hug, a parable from Jesus.

The midnight stars, an awakened memory,

the sharing of bread and wine.

Recovering from an illness, a thought in a sermon,

the scent of a flower.

A child’s baptism, the striking of a clock,

the glimpse of a mountain peak.


We thank you that we cannot manufacture these times of awe; or predict them; that they are your serendipity gifts, free as grace, more precious than gold.

Help us to treasure them, to measure them by what Christ taught us, and to use them as inspiration for the common love and service of ordinary days.                

Release in us that spirit of joyful thanks which is too often cramped down by our work and worries or ignored by our trivial pleasures and entertainments.                   

Release the real joy of Christ in us,

that with adoring gratitude we may link our little spirits with your majestic Spirit and find that inflow of health which rejuvenates our whole being. 

Father, you are always ready to hear our confession.

When others expose our obvious faults and sins, when we ourselves get angry with our less obvious and secret sins, thank goodness, loving God,

for Christ Jesus our Redeemer!

Other people may project shame on us and shun us, 

we may find ourselves hard to live with,

but you come to us with a relentless grace

and therapeutic mercy that forgives and heals.


You are the light that exposes all shabbiness,

the physician who diagnoses with total accuracy,

the surgeon who cuts away disease and corruption,

the pharmacist who prescribes the right salve,

and the nurse who encourages our sore spirits back to health.

You, Jesus Christ, are our loving judge and our enduring Saviour.


Please deal with us not exactly as we ask,

and not as we deserve,

but with that wise compassion which knows what is best for us,

now and always.



The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession


Only those who truly believe in faith, hope and love, will keep on praying for a world that lurches from one crisis to another.

Let us pray.


God of hope, give us more of the Spirit of Jesus

and co-opt us into the ongoing work of your salvation. 

Let us by word, deed and prayer,

assist in some way, be it small or large,  

for the rescue and healing of your people on this planet.


Wherever there is spiritual confusion or despair;

may the salvation of  Christ come with its light and joy.

Wherever there is emotional sickness or mental disarray,

may the salvation of Jesus still exert its ancient power.

Wherever people suffer from accident or disease,

carry a handicap, or bear a tearing grief, 

may the salvation of Christ be intimately present.

Wherever there are injustices which crush body, mind and spirit, may the salvation of the Lord  bring liberty to victims, and  repentance to the oppressors.

Wherever there is bad blood between family members,

neighbours, or old friends,  

may the salvation of Jesus deliver us

and heal our sins and follies.

Wherever the church has failed to be a healing community,

may your saving hands draw us away from dis-ease and recall us to that wholesome loving that bears all things, hopes all things and endures all things.


Holy God, you are our light and salvation.                                  Hear our prayers,

toughen our faith, and widen our compassion.         

Through Christ Jesus our Saviour.



The Dismissal

As you go on your way,

may you have the wisdom and will to help others

and the humility to allow others to help you.

Take courage to forgive and be forgiven,

to heal and be healed, to serve and be served.


The Grace