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Prayers of Adoration and Confession

O Lord our God, how great Thou art!
When we look up at the stars on a clear, dark night
and see the vastness of space
and realise You made and designed all that,
we see something of Your greatness and awesome power.

When we see the clear blue sky on a summer's day
and the bright sunshine showing everything in glorious technicolour
and realise You made and designed all of it,
we see something of Your greatness and awesome skill in creation.

When we see on the television nature programmes
highlighting the amazing variety of animals and environments
and realise You made and designed all that,
we see something of Your greatness and awesome skill in design.

And when we remember that You gave Your son,
Your nearest and dearest,
to die for us on the cross to take away our sin,
we see something of Your greatness and awesome love for us.

O Lord our God,
how great Thou art,
and how we praise You, worship and adore You!

We confess:
Although Your greatness and power and love can be seen all around us,
so often we don't see it.
So often we tend to see the bad rather than the good,
the negatives rather than the positives,
the problems rather than the way forward,
the things that pull us down rather than what lifts us up.

We can let out troubles, fears and doubts take over
and stop looking to You,
floundering in the dark
rather than walking in the light,
and being led and guided by You.

So often we can let life get on top of us
instead of sharing it all with You,
looking to You to lead us through it.

Sorry, Lord.
Forgive us.
Work in us by Your Holy Spirit.
Speak to us through Your word.
Open our up hearts and minds to You,
to who You are and to how great You are,
and to what You can do when we love You, trust You and follow You.

Meet with us now
and help us to know You with us
to know the difference that You make in our lives,
and to worship You and learn from You.

For we ask this for Your glory and praise.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Our gracious God and loving heavenly Father,
we thank You that we matter to You
and that everyone matters to You so much
that You even gave Your son,
to become one of us and die for us.
You raised Him back to life to sit at Your right hand,
crowned with glory and honour,
so that all who trust themselves to Jesus,
can end up sharing in His glory in heaven for ever as Your family.
We thank You that in Jesus,
we see how much we matter to You.

When we think of these things,
what can we do but be amazed?
And gladly give You these offerings of our money and of ourselves,
asking that You use them to help others know how much they matter to You.

Loving Father,
we ask that You guide our feet
that we may walk in the footsteps of Your son Jesus.
We ask that You guide and council those
going through hard times
and struggling to find solutions.

Send them a Comforter.
Soften the ‘hardening hearts' of those in difficult relationships.
Help them to make the decisions that are right for them.
Where people are suffering injustice,
we cry out for wrongs to be righted and for there to be justice.

Bless all children and those who care for them.
For those suffering abuse – a place of safety
that they may know love.
For children in warzones – peace.
For those suffering hunger – food from Your great world's bounty.

And this Challenge Poverty Week
we pray that You would open people's eyes and hearts
to see that people matter, no matter how poor they are,
help us to treat them with dignity and respect,
valuing and appreciating them,
and playing our part to help people out of poverty
and build a fair and just society.

All this we ask in the name of Your Son Jesus,
who died for us that we may be forgiven our sins.

The Grace


Prayer of Approach

Almighty God,
we come before You with heads bowed in reverence and awe.
We are aware of the grace extended to us,
that we, mere specks in the immensity of Your creation
have not earned this privilege.
Yet, in Your unfathomable love You invite us to come.
We are in awe of Your creation                                                in all its rich power and diversity,
amazed that You offer humanity insights into its workings.

Dear Lord
we acknowledge that we do not earn the right to approach
through our riches, intellect or positions of power,
all are welcome in Your presence through the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
That same Jesus taught us that human standards of importance do not matter to You. Instead, a contrite heart and a willingness to set self aside in Your service
gain the reward of entering Your presence.

Heavenly Father,
as we stumble along Your way
help to keep us to the path of obedience that Jesus trod
that we may continue to enjoy the glow of Your presence.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Heavenly Father,
we come to offer the thanks for the blessings that we enjoy.
We give thanks for the many seen and unseen people who contribute to our daily life.
We thank You for those who grow and prepare our daily bread,
we thank You for those who develop and maintain
the energy supply and transport systems                                that we have access to.
We give thanks for those who work to keep us safe,
those in the forces and the police.

Lord we are grateful for the array of carers

who help to support us,
those who work to heal us,
those who help us in our frailty,
those who help develop medicines to fight disease.

Almighty God,
we thank You for the gift of Your word –
‘a lamp for our feet and a light for our path'
and the example set by Your son, Jesus Christ.
These are gifts beyond all measure.

For all this and much more we offer our humble thanks.

Prayer of Confession

We bring before God our sins of commission and omission,
Your word has sometimes remained closed,
gathering dust when we were most in need

of its comfort and direction.
We have been guilty of harsh words
when words of support or encouragement were needed.
We have misused the time You have given us,
pursuing our own desires

instead of seeking the path You want for us.
We are forgetful of loving our neighbour
and following the example Jesus set for us.

In a moment of silence we bring before You our sins.

Almighty God
we ask for Your forgiveness
through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of intercession

  • We pray on behalf of those who are suffering because of world events, natural disaster, wars, climate change,        and other challenges.                                Silence
  • We pray for those who find themselves suddenly in changed circumstances, both positive and negative, bereavement, loss of job, birth of a child, entering a new opportunity.                                                                    Silence
  • We pray for young people, particularly at times of transition, moving primary to secondary leaving school, times of examination.                                                      Silence
  • We pray for those involved in ministry and mission work both local, nationally and internationally.                        Silence
  • We pray for guidance for those making decisions in industry and government that they would be open to God's prompting.                                                            Silence
  • We pray for those who are in times of illness, financial hardship, suffering from addiction.                                  Silence
  • We pray for those who are suffering persecution                because of their Christian faith.                                        Silence
  • We pray for those who are yet to make a commitment to follow Jesus as their Lord.



All these our prayers we offer in Christ`s name,                      Amen.



The Grace

PRAYERS FOR SUNDAY OCTOBER 17TH                                    HARVEST FESTIVAL

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession

As we celebrate our plenty and give thanks for our food, Father, we praise you for all you have done

and for all you have given.                                                                     

For shelves that are laden

and cupboards that are full.                                                    For food available, varied, and affordable for taste and for flavour, for a healthy appetite and the means to satisfy it.      For all that is symbolised in this Harvest Service,                     

Creator and Sustainer of all,                                                  We thank and praise you.                                                                                   

For Provider and Producer,

God and farmer working together in harmony.

For all in the food chain from field to factory,

retailer to consumer,

each one depending on the others.                                         

Creator and Sustainer of all,                                                  We thank and praise you.                                                                                             For our countryside;                                                              Fertile, diverse and beautiful,

supplying so much of what we 


Our food, our water, crops for industry,

energy and medicine.                                                          Source of our leisure, relaxation and renewal.                  

Creator and Sustainer of all,                                                  We thank and praise you.                                                                                                             As we celebrate your goodness

so we confront our own sin,                                                our greed and insensitivity, our failure to appreciate what we have and the opportunities you have given,                          Our readiness to complain, our unwillingness to praise.         

Father, forgive and renew us.                                                                                           Food taken for granted,

work unappreciated and poorly rewarded;                            Self-centred blindness to other’s needs.                                  Deliberate deafness to the cries of the hungry,                        Coldness of heart to those deprived of affection,                     

Father, forgive and renew us.                                                                                          May our sins be forgiven,                                                      Our blindness, deafness and coldness of heart be healed.          May your renewing spirit rest on us                                    and fill our nation with your love and hope.                              In Jesus’ name.                                                                    Amen.


The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession

We pray for those whose lives are caught up with your creation,

and who work with you in tending and nurturing it;                                                                                                        those afraid for their future, those struggling to survive;

all whose livelihood and existence is under threat.                                                                                                            May they know your presence and be conscious of the help that you bring. Through both may they find hope for their future.

We pray for the hungry and the homeless,

the broken and bereaved.                                     

For all for whom this day brings sadness and little joy.                                                               

For the lonely and the helpless, for those whose hope has been shattered and their faith destroyed.


For the struggling and the oppressed,                                      for those without power to negotiate or bargain;

for all whose work goes unrewarded,

whose produce is undervalued.                                           

For all who feel unwanted,

believing their skills are no longer needed.

For all who struggle to change the system, striving for justice and fair trade, trying to overcome political blindness and public insensitivity.                                                                         

For all who influence our thinking, our buying and consuming; for all who formulate policy and manage the market; for fairness and compassion in all walks of life.

For responsible stewardship in our using of your world; for sustainable consumption as well as production; for care for creation and compassion for each other.

For farmers, their families and communities and all who depend on them and for all who are worried about tomorrow and facing difficulties today.

For retailers and suppliers and for all involved in the processing and transporting of food.

For urban communities far removed from food production; for children and young people with little knowledge of where their food comes from.

For those that go hungry and those who endeavour to feed them; for relief agencies and aid workers giving help and healing to those in need,

For ourselves that we may eat with joy and with care; for land and livestock and love for those who care for them,

For the ability to appreciate your generosity and a readiness to recognise our dependency on each other and on you.             

Lord, in your mercy, hear these our prayers,                        Amen.



Bless to us, O God                                                                The sun that shines above us                                                  The rain that falls upon us                                                      The earth that sustains us                                                      The air that surrounds us                                                      The love that binds us.                                                          Amen


The Grace


Prayers of Adoration and Confession

Triumphant praise and joy;

These we bring as we enter Your court

with praise and thanksgiving,
Bowing our heads and joining in prayer.
For You O God are gracious and Your mercy everlasting.

This is the day You have made for worship
and we thank You for it.

We thank You for each other,
for the people we are

and the places we have come from.
For all that we shall become as we walk with You.
For all You have given, we praise and worship You.

We thank You for the love of Christ encircling us,
Your Spirit guiding us,
so that we might bring our lives before You,
in praise and worship.

Loving God,
You are ever at work in our lives and
striving to help and strengthen our world,
heal and comfort, forgive and restore,
undo wrongs and establish right.

Merciful God,
we have not been humble.
We have discouraged others from seeking You.
We have not sought Your wisdom.
We have been rude and selfish in our own wants and actions.
We have hurt others by intended words spoken

and actions not done –
some known to us and other unknown to us.

We know what we have done.
Please forgive our faults.

While we deserve only judgement,
You offer us grace,
and the hope of life renewed.

Merciful Father
we praise You that through Jesus Christ
we are forgiven we are renewed
and through Him we are taught how to live and serve

God of restoration,
in our blindness and ignorance,
You open our eyes and lead us to truth;
in our arrogance and defiance,
You still our souls and teach us humility;
in our weakness and displacement,
You protect us and lead us home;

And so we praise You and thank You,
with all our hearts.

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord who taught us when we pray to say
Our Father ….

Prayers of Intercession

O God,
We come to You, because we know You'll hear our cry.
We come to You, because You call us near to You.
We come to You, because You deliver and save.
We come to You now with our prayers and petitions.

In the noise of voices
calling for revenge and restitution,
for judgement and punishment,
we pray for the courage to speak out
for restoration.

When grief and pain, poverty and persecution
leave people blind to grace and compassion,
we pray for the courage to carry the light
of comfort and consolation, love and forgiveness.

Where the quest to even the score
has left our world angry and wounded,
we pray for the courage to release our grievances
and seek wholeness for all.

As You intercede for us, Jesus,
we intercede for our world that all may know
the Good News of restoration in Christ.

We pray for the local and universal church.
Give us the humility to walk in Your way.
We pray for the leaders in our nation
and the nations around the world.
Give them the courage to walk in peace.
We pray for those who are in need.
Give us ears to hear their cries and be agents of Your mercy.

In our praying, heavenly loving Father,
we choose to celebrate,
in the midst of grief we because it reminds us of hope,
and brings comfort to our broken hearts;
we choose to celebrate,
in the midst of poverty because it speaks of wealth beyond material things,
and gives dignity to our humbled hearts;
we choose to celebrate,
in the midst of conflict because it turns us to peace,
and restores humanity to our angry hearts;

we choose to celebrate,
in the midst of suffering because it lightens our darkness,
and inspires strength in our fragile hearts;
we choose to celebrate,
in the midst of injustice because it defies evil,
and renews determination in our compassionate hearts;

Though crosses may loom, and opponents gather,
through our devotion to You
we choose to embrace and enjoy
for our own sake, and that of the least,
the healing power of celebration.
As we lift our own hidden prayers to You in silence,
for You hear even that which is unspoken.


Taking comfort from our prayers
may we comfort one another through Your love
and the sharing of our experience.

God of wholeness,
we celebrate the healing You bring to us and our world,
and we celebrate the promised wholeness
that awaits all of creation
in Your eternal reign.

Hear our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord



May the God who hears your needs
and answers the cries of your hearts
be with you today and always,
a sure and certain strength.

And may the faithful love of the Creator,
the healing presence of the Christ,
the life-giving power of the Spirit
attend you this day and forevermore



Call to Worship


There is one God;                                                                  One God of all that is or ever will be.

One God who is worthy of our undivided love.

Therefore, whenever you come to worship God,

exalt as much as you can.

No praise can be high enough, no honour noble enough,

no poetry or music can scale the true heights of God’s beauty.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul!

I will praise God as long as I live.

I will sing praises as long as I have being.


The beauty and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all!




Prayers of Adoration and Confession


God of the starry hosts that fill the universe with light,

you are with us,

Help us to love and adore you.

God of waving corn and fruiting vine, you are with us,

Help us to love and adore you.

God of male and female, child and adult, black and  white,

you are with us,

Help us to love and adore you.

God of Mary’s Child, of healed lepers and forgiven sinners,

you are with us,

Help us to love and adore you.

We pray for more of that grace

which can make much out of a little

and bring glory out of defeat.                                              Through Christ Jesus our hope and joy.


We confess our failure to love, without restraint, this one, compassionate God.

If we have tried to serve many masters, only to be torn in different directions, becoming frustrated and fractured.            Lord have mercy.


If we have tried to serve a shallow god that is made in our own likeness and have ended up bored and fruitless.                    Christ have mercy.


If we have tried to serve the god’s that others foist on us,        and have found they leave us restless and discontented.        Lord have mercy.


All wise and all loving God,                                                  we confess we have not been whole hearted and single minded in our devotion  to you.                                                                         

Through the saving grace of Christ Jesus,                                overrule our folly and forgive our wanderings and rebel            Restore us to that spiritual sanity for which we were created.    With all our being may we love and honour you,                      and know that peace and joy

which nothing else can ever equal.               

For your name’s sake.                                                            Amen.


The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession 


On those days when we are tempted to judge others,              may we instead pray,                                                          and when we are in danger of sliding into pessimism,              may we turn to you for help;                                                  living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


At those occasions when world hunger & homelessness seem overwhelming, give us the tenacity to do what we can

and encourage others to do likewise;                                      living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


In moments when the threat of disease or disablement looms over us, and what is worse, when it threatens our loved ones, please help and guide us;

living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


At those seasons when the world seems to have gone crazy with suspicion and fear, and when they turn again to more violence and terror,                 

come to our aid;                                                                  living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


In situations where politicians seem arrogant and foolish, and the church looks like wringing its hands, please give us wisdom to seek solutions;

living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


At those times when the divisions in the church provoke scorn, and when we are tempted to make excuses rather than repent and mend our ways,

living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


On occasions when death, broken relationships and divorce, cause havoc among our friends or in the church,                  show us how to be agents of Christ Jesus;                              living God hear our prayer,

And help us to overcome evil with grace, mercy and peace.


God of infinite reserves,                                                      you have entrusted people with a massive responsibility.

With your help we can do far more than is humanly possible,

without you we will do far less.

Fill us with your Spirit,

that we may be channels of your saving, healing love.              Through Christ Jesus,

light of the world and the love of our lives.





“Hear O Israel: The Lord your God is One Lord, and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.”

 “And you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these”


The Grace