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Call to Worship                                                               

In this moment we are invited to acknowledge the loving care and compassion of God for each of us, to listen to the words of encouragement, and call, even on difficult or depressing days, and God’s desires for our complete and unequivocal faithful response to the message of Jesus. Come let us worship God.

Prayers of Approach, Thanksgiving and Confession           

O God You know each of us well, love us deeply
and are able to sustain us in an enormous variety of ways.
We are humbled by our awareness of Your profound concern and involvement in our petty concerns and worries, and your keen interest in our welfare.

Given so many gifts in our daily lives to enrich us
and opportunities for love and companionship,
we come anticipating a deeper appreciation of
and wider perspective of Your grace and power.

Almighty God
We give You thanks
for all who have given their lives and talents

in the service of others;
those whose religious zeal, commitment to truth, leadership ability and qualities of service have enabled others to live more freely and fully
and brought new harmony
and understating to the world.

For all those whose faithful witness
has challenged the prejudices and closed minds of others
and enabled people to appreciate

the power of Your love in their lives.

We praise You for those who can allow another to take the lead where appropriate;
who know how to retire gracefully,
and encourage others by their example and concern for the good of the community,
rather than their own selfish interest and reputation.

For all who have lifted the standards of behaviour,
the moral and ethical codes,
and have been dissatisfied with slovenly or slapdash efforts and careless attitudes to important tasks,
we glorify Your name.

Especially for Jesus Christ,
we are grateful and how His life and example                    has illuminated and inspired our lives
and pushed out the limited horizons of our thinking
and challenged our systems of values
and called us to look onward and upward towards You.

We know Your mercy for the penitent, O loving God.

Let us experience it once again
as we place the record of our past week before You.

We recall our lack of respect and care for others
and those set in authority over us.

We acknowledged our abuse and neglect

of our particular talents and gifts.

We have lived as if the world and its wonders

were under our control,
and needed no reference to You.

We have failed to measure up

to the standard expected of Your disciples,
and our example has not influenced the world for good.

In certain ways we have lived as if this earth and life upon it was the limit of our horizons
and have disregarded Your encouragement to strive forward and live as mature human beings

made in Your likeness.

Hear us, O God, as in silence we now confess our individual sin before You.                          

Listen to the word of promise:                                                                                                                                If we confess our sin,
God is faithful and just and will forgive our sin,
so, I declare unto You,

our sin is forgiven.


Thanks be to God.                                                                                                                                

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession                                                   

Great and Loving God
We know we are tenants of this good earth,
entrusted through Your grace and love

with its abundance and harvests.

Strengthen our resolve to be worthy of Your covenant with us, and make us more willing to hear, to obey,
and to act in protection of the fruit of Your kingdom of love.

Fill the leaders of our nation, and all nations,
with a healthy respect for the dignity of human life,
the worth of the individual
and the need to consider the everyday issues
as well as the wider issues in politics and society.

Sustain those with special talents –
of laughter, healing, teaching, leadership, parenting,
production of food and necessities of life –
and encourage them to see You as the source of all their gifts.

Accept we pray, Your children with their particular hopes and promise,
Inspire them to continue in their faithful way to work for the growth of love
and cooperation, mutual dependence and trust.

Startle the wavering and the tempted;
the unsure and the procrastinating
with a sharp sense of Your interest
and Your demands of care upon them.

Refresh the weary and the war-torn,
the oppressed and the suffering
with the sense of Your unlimited and unexpected mercies.

Motivate the hearts of compassionate men and women
to the cries of the hungry and the plight of the undernourished.

Shake the complacent out of their stupor of self-satisfaction,
and grab their attention and stimulate them to action
on behalf of those with no ‘clout’, or no political weight,
and no means of being heard for themselves.

Give patience to those who labour to alter the ideas of society and challenge the patterns of the growing gap between rich and poor.

Direct and embolden those who grapple with the problems of insufficient shelter and inadequate clothing,
the lack of ample resources in education,
and abuse of power, oppression and injustice.

Re-ignite the passion of those who have slumped into idle lethargy and lukewarm apathy.
Give them a boldness to correct, eradicate and transform
the wrongs which reject and isolate those
who do not fit neatly within the norms of society.

Remind the Church to tread carefully in its eagerness to be popular, or in hastily espousing doctrines that may be popular with the world.
Challenge us when we are silent on controversial issues,
when our silence condones the destruction and rejection of goodness, truth and life.

Stir up within the councils of the Church
a passion for the Gospel and the building of God’s kingdom.
Rid them of any ecclesiastical ghetto mentality
which would threaten to overwhelm the proclamation of Your love.

Guide them in the deep waters of social and political action
so that they hold tight to spiritual truth,
and reject any seemingly expedient solutions
which are alien to the teaching of Jesus,
in whose name we pray.


The Grace



Call to Worship


If you have come  here today hungry for more of the Bread of Life which feeds your soul, then I welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


 Jesus says: “I am the bread of life. Those who come to me shall not hunger, and those who believe in me shall never thirst.”


Feed us now, Son of God, as you fed your first disciples.

Feed us with that soul-food which nurtures enough love within us to outstrip the fears and enmity that ties the world up in knots.

Feed us with that spiritual bread which strengthens our hands for serving those broken and lost people whom this world deems a waste of space.

Feed us, so that we may be fulfilled with some of that joy which the universe cannot contain. For your love’s sake.



Prayers of Approach and Confession


God our holy Friend,

you are wonderful beyond all other wonders.

You are much closer than our deepest prayers,

loftier than our songs of praise,

more beautiful than our purest hopes,

much more profound than our noblest creeds,

far wiser than all the books in the libraries of the world,

and more loving than the love of all the apostles, saints and martyrs put together.

Yet you are humble enough to lunch with a common wayfarer,

and simple enough to converse with a child.

Gladly we come to this house of prayer,

to offer our worship, renew our vows, receive your grace,  and adore your love and holiness.


“If you, God, should count our iniquities, 

who would be left standing?

But with you there is forgiveness and we stand in awe of such grace.”


Brainwashed though we are by the false values and brazen deceits of this world, we come to you, most merciful God, seeking your saving intervention in our lives.

Without you we slither further down into error and darkness.

With you we are uplifted towards light and truth.

Without you we either wallow in shame

or in vain self-justification.

With you we find healing, hope and peace.

Please forgive those sins of which we are keenly aware, and forgive us those sins which escape our recognition at the present time.

Deliver us from both sin and stupidity, and sharpen our ability to know ourselves better and to know you more surely and comprehensively                                              as the God of our salvation.

Through Christ Jesus, our Saviour.



Assurance of Pardon


“O people of God, put your hope in Christ!

For with Christ there is steadfast love

and with him is plenteous redemption.

And he will redeem his people

from all their iniquities.”

Thanks be to God!


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession


Holy Friend, there are times when our prayers seem a weak and ineffective exercise in the face of the world’s enormous need. Please keep reminding us that though we are weak and unwise, you have infinite resourcefulness and wisdom. May the full and inexhaustible grace of Christ crucified and risen, keep us praying with faith and serving with humble compassion.


Holy Friend, we pray for those who feel too harried, or too broken, or too despairing to pray for themselves. Please surround them with your everlasting arms of love, and bring some warmth and hope into even the bleakest situation.


Holy Friend, we pray for many who are subject to injustice and abuse, and all who are used up and then cast aside like garbage. Please bring down tyrants and bullies at every level of life, and lift up the downtrodden and heal the broken in body, mind and spirit.


Holy Friend, we pray for young people who are put in uniforms and ordered to make war on others; to bomb villages, blow up bridges, burn harvests, strafe refugees, and take few prisoners. And also for those who are sent incognito as suicide bombers into crowded places to create maximum carnage. Please bring this world back from its addiction to anger and violence to your ways of peace.


Holy Friend, we pray for all who feed the hungry, tend the injured, stand with the oppressed, house the homeless, watch with the dying, comfort the grieving, encourage the handicapped, empower the weak, and befriend the very fearful folk. Please widen our love to include all your children on earth.


Holy Friend, we pray for your church in its glory and its shame. Help us to repent of our corporate sins, to increase our love for other denominations, to live the love of Christ among the neglected and the lost, to encourage one another in fellowship and prayer, and to live optimistically by faith and love where the secular world wrings its hands in despair.


Holy Friend, God and Saviour, lead us on towards that glory which you have prepared for all who love you. Through Christ Jesus our Lord.





If you have found some of the good bread of Christ

here this day,                                       

then don’t hesitate to share it with others.

For this is the bread that increases

the more it is given away,                                                and nourishes us best

in the presence of goodwill and laughter.

Go on your way in good spirits, for the best is yet to come.


The Grace



Call to Worship

Come from your homes,                                                  places of tension and relaxation,                                      of squabbles and arguments,                                            of games and laughter.                                               

Come to celebrate in this, God’s House.

Come from your places of work,                                      leaving behind deadlines and pressures                          the tedium of creativity of daily tasks.                            Come to celebrate in this, God`s House.

Come to join this community of faith,                                In this place of prayer and praise,                                  struggling to witness and serve,                                      Come to celebrate in this, God’s House.


Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession

We come into your presence,                                          to be aware of you with us.                                              You are always aware of us,                                            always sensitive to our needs and joys.                            You invite us to be with you,                                            to have a place near you.                                                Your presence is joy, light, comfort,                                your nearness is holy, awesome,wonder.                         

In the play of sunlight through rainbows,                          in the sounds of music and laughter,                                  in the touch of friends and loved ones,                            in the sweet perfume of blossom,                                      in the taste of bread and wine,                                        your presence is known.                                                                                                                                 

But also in the warm dark,                                              in the silence, in the solitude,                                          in the scent of fear, in the sourness of tears,                      you are with us, your presence surrounds us.                                                                                                   

As we come before you, we realise our faults,                    we remember or sins,

we feel remorse for our selfishness,                                  we repent and feel ashamed.                               

You welcome us, you greet us with a smile,                      you forgive and renew,

you give us new hope, new life.                                        You love us into your presence.                                   

We bless and thank you. We praise and adore you.            We enjoy being with you, and with each other,               

in the name, the spirit and the presence of Jesus.              Amen.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

Journeying God,                                                            we ask for you to be with all those at risk when travelling,  those who fly, sail, ride or walk.                                        We pray especially for refugees and those fleeing war, hunger or persecution.                                                    We pray for those who offer hospitality, relief,

food and shelter, those who are good Samaritans,

friendly neighbours and welcoming communities.                God, journey with all who need you.

Renewing God,                                                                we ask for you to be with all those who begin something new this week, a new job, a new friendship,

a new responsibility.                                                 

We pray especially for those taking up positions of power and authority in governments around the world.                We pray for those who are faced with redundancy,              the death of someone in the family

or a friend or with an ending.                                      God, renew all who hope in you.

Listening God,                                                                we ask for you to be with all those who are worried

and afraid.                                                      

We pray especially for those with no one to turn to,            no one who cares, no one who will help.                          We pray for those who are prepared to listen,                    to share the problem, to stand in solidarity.                    God, listen to all who call to you.

God be with us, renew us, listen to us                              And help us to work with you to answer these prayers, 

In the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ.                              Amen.



Ever-Living God,                                                              the source of all life,                                                        prompt us into new beginnings.

Ever-present God,                                                            travelling alongside us,                                                    guide us to walk in your way.

Ever-loving God,                                                              surrounding us with care,                                                help us to detect your presence.

In the name of Christ.



Approach to God

Ancient of Days,
Holy Mystery,
El Shaddai…                                                                   

God, we call on You
by the names we have,
taking on our lips
words that cannot contain You.

You are always more
and as we turn to You,
You have already turned to us
and called on us:
My people!
My beloved!

To wait before You
and meditate on You –
this is what restores us.
To know again
that You are the Living God –
this is what reawakens our hope.                                                                                                                        So we gather in Your presence
and offer You our love and thanks
for keeping the world turning,
for infusing all that exists with the breath of Your Spirit,
for looking on us with warmth and pride
because we are Yours.

We pray in the names
of Your Community of Love –
Source, Saviour, Sustainer.



Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession

Multi-talented, Multi-tasking God!
It is from You that we derive our creative instincts.
We are makers and crafters,
designers and builders
of relationships and social systems,
of ideas and projects,
of agreements and policies,
of tools and artworks.                             

Thank You that our lives are the better
for what has been made by hands and minds
in our own generation and those older and younger.       

Thank You for those whose skill and faith, time and money
have brought into being houses of prayer; sanctuaries of worship.                                                                                 

Thank You for all the ways that cathedrals, temples, monasteries have served Your purposes,
making visible a glimpse of Your glory and grandeur;
moving people into an encounter with You;
speaking of the longer story we are part of.

Gracious God,
You know us well.
We are not always at our best.                                         

Sometimes we get weary,
our smiles fade,
our energy runs low,
and in a depleted state
we become bad company.                                         

Sometimes we fail to look after ourselves
and blame others for our un-met needs.                           

Sometimes we despair
that our good work
does not count for much
and we retreat into paralysis.                                         

Hear our sorrow and untangle us, good Lord.

You do not condemn;
You forgive.
You do not create lost causes
but human beings in Your own beautiful likeness.
Recreate us today for Your love's sake.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

Today we pray for our brothers and sisters across the world who long for the freedoms we take for granted –

To worship together in a dedicated building, or anywhere.

Bring Your comfort and protection to those who have lost loved ones and are themselves at risk of injury, torture or death because of objections and opposition to the faith they profess and practise.

We cry out to You for a world able to live and let live;
a world able to celebrate the diverse strands of belief and ritual, affirming our common ground of treating others as we wish them to treat us.

Give us a curiosity for other ways of understanding You.
Surprise us with the insights of other paths to You.
You are Mystery,
You are Intimacy,
give Yourself to us
that we may give ourselves to You,
and bring alive Your kindness and compassion
in all we do.

These and all the concerns we carry in our hearts today,
we bring in Jesus' name.



As we go from here,
may God go with us

Keeping us close,
keeping us connected,
keeping us a community of faith.

May God bless us in the days ahead,

Deepening our trust,
encouraging our hope,
amplifying our love.


Call to Worship

We gather to worship the Lord.
Not with empty rituals.
Not with doctrines and traditions.
But with all our hearts.

The Lord our God is king.
God rules with justice and equity.
God loves righteousness and hates wickedness.
God's kingdom will last forever.

We gather to worship the Lord.
With ears ready to listen.
With hearts ready to receive.
With faith ready for action.

The Lord is faithful and true.
The Lord is our beloved.
We are the Lord's beloved.
The Lord is ours and we are the Lord's.

Because God is good.
Because our hearts are filled with love.
Because we care for one another.
We gather to worship the Lord.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord God, Jesus said that he came to that we might life      and have it more abundantly.                                            We praise you and we thank you for his purpose in coming  and we pray to you that we might indeed experience the fullness of the life that he has promised. 

Take from us, O Lord, all those things that blind us to the wonders of your presence and the glory of what you are

doing in our midst.


Lord, we thank you for the refreshing wind of your Spirit    for how you breath into us new life and new hope          and lead us to new understandings.                                In you we find wholeness for both body and soul.       

We pray now, O God, that this wholeness may not only not only grow within us - but that it might enter into and transform the lives of all your children.

Prayer of Confession                                                        (This prayer picks up on the themes of James and Mark.)

For those times when we have hurt those closest to us,
when we have been slow to listen,

quick to speak,

quick to anger,
forgive us, Lord, and fill our hearts with righteousness.

For those times when we have hurt those we encounter,
when we lose control of our tongues,
forgive us, Lord, and fill our hearts with righteousness.

For those times when we have hurt the weakest and most marginalised,
when we take advantage of power, wealth or status,
forgive us, Lord, and fill our hearts with righteousness.

For those times when we have hurt Your creation,
when we know how to care for it but fail to act,
forgive us, Lord, and fill our hearts with righteousness.

For those times when we have hurt You,
when we seek ritual over faith,

when we hear Your call but do not act,
forgive us, Lord, and fill our hearts with righteousness.

Forgive us, Lord, and help us reset our relationships
that they may be filled with a love and compassion that reflects Yours,
the King of righteousness.

The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession

God our health and salvation, bless our prayers as we now pray for others.                                   

Let the efficacy of prayer when blessed by Christ’s hands stretch far beyond the limited range of our concern,          and probe much deeper than our compassion can ever reach.


We pray for the lost and all who go searching for them,      for the fallen and the merciful who give them a hand,        the timid souls and those who speak up for them.


We pray for the nations and advisers who have influence with governments, for the different races and all who treasure the smallest and weakest,                                  for those at war, and the peace-keepers who stay the bloodshed, and peacemakers who try to bring a just reconciliation.


We pray for the hungry millions                                        and the agencies and donors who attempt to feed them, the homeless and those who house them,                          for refugees and each country that gives them a new start.


We pray for the handicapped and the therapists who encourage and enable them, the oppressed and those who empower them,                                                              the alcoholics and other drug addicts                              and each clinic or adviser that offers some respect and hope.


We pray for the diseased and the nurses who touch and tend them,the injured and the surgeons and carers who rehabilitate them,                                                            the mentally ill and each counsellor who patiently works for their well being.


We pray for the dying and those who stay with them to the end, the sorrowing and pastors and loved ones who comfort them,                                                                for the inconsolable and those special friends who do not become impatient or expect a rapid recovery from grief.


We pray for the unemployed and those who recognise their despair, for the unemployable and all who understand their frustration, for those in sheltered workshops and the supervisors who encourage and affirm them.


We pray for the church in its many denominations and congregations,for its leaders and members who elect them,                                                                            the pastors and those who train and pastor them,            the new members who may feel impatient with staid ways, and established members who forget what it is like to be new comers.


Loving God, our health and salvation,                              channel love through our praying,                                    and show us how to practice love in activity

as well as in prayer.                                        

In the name of Christ Jesus.




As we go from this space,
give us eyes to see afresh the beauty of relationship,
give us ears that are quick to listen,
give us mouths that are slow to speak,
give us hands whose actions are compassionate,
give us feet to walk only with You.

And give us a heart to know and share the blessing of God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
that the whole world may be transformed.