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Call to worship

Merciful Lord
Praise Your Holy Name.

You created the universe out of love
Praise Your Holy Name.

We live only by Your grace and love
Praise Your Holy Name.

In Your image and likeness,
You created us to form relationships with others.
Praise Your Holy Name.

With thankful hearts, we worship You
Praise Your Holy Name for evermore.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Loving and gracious God,
we come before You to give thanks

for what You have done for us.
We celebrate Your Name

and offer You praise because of Your Holiness,
yet You are a living God in whom we trust and believe.
We thank You, God, for the rainy season and for health.

Oh God, we thank You for the life we have,
for the air we breathe and for our relationships

with those who are both close and far away.
We thank You for Your infinite goodness,
which deepens our trust in You.

God of mercy, increase our faith
so that we may develop a deeper understanding of You
and a deeper relationship with You.


Prayer of Confession

Gracious God,

You who know us better than we know ourselves,
there are countless times that we have sinned

against You and our neighbour.
Have mercy on us and forgive us.

Consciously or unconsciously,
through our words, attitudes and actions,
we have broken our relationship with You,
with our neighbours and even with the environment.
Have mercy on us and forgive us.

Restore, O gracious God,

our broken relationships and guide us in Your paths.
For Your glory and the building of Your Kingdom
Have mercy on us and forgive us


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

Gracious God,
We pray for our broken world and for peace.
We pray for the children of all nations,
for men and women longing to be reunited with their families.

Gracious God,
We pray for the removal of all types of barriers

which stunt or destroy relationships.
We pray for new ways to create closer relationships

with God and others.

Gracious God,
We pray for all nations,

churches and faith-based organisations,
to encourage and empower us all
to build loving and supportive relationships
that reflect the image and likeness of God.

Gracious God,

We pray for those known to us,

members of our own families,


and community, who are in any kind of need, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual.

We especially remember the bereaved,

those in hospital or care homes.

May all for whom we pray

find peace and wholeness by your Spirit.


The Blessing

May the Lord of strong and stable relationships
help you to live wisely and in peace.
May the Son guide your paths.
May the Holy Spirit lead you into wisdom.



Prayer of Approach                                                               

Almighty God, Creator, and Ruler of all,
we come this day to worship You
and to ask Your guidance upon our lives.

We come to be still,
we come to listen,
we come to be noisy,
and we come to offer ourselves to You.

Prepare our hearts to receive Your word
and up lift our spirits

as we spend time together worshipping You,
so that when we leave this place of worship
we may feel renewed and refreshed.

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession                                 

Loving God,
we thank You for Your constant guidance in our lives
and for all the ways You encourage, challenge,

strengthen and renew us.
We thank You that we still hear Your quiet words
whispering to us in the silence of our own hearts.
We thank You that through song, prayer, preaching,

worship mission and service,
we are still able to hear Your voice.
Through fellowship and community,
we can feel Your presence in what we do and say.

We thank You that when we see the fields of corn
and hear the birds singing,
we are hearing You
and when the wind blows,
we feel You.

We thank You that through Christ's life,
work, teaching, death and resurrection
You speak to us
and that Your Holy Spirit inspires,

comforts and empowers us each day.

We thank You for the times we have felt lost
and have felt Your hand take hold of us
and lead us forward – through difficulties,

life`s problems and illnesses.

We thank You for Your healing touch.

Be with us now, directing our ways
so that we may glorify You in all that we do and say.

Holy God,                                                                          we come before you in confession

seeking to experience your forgiveness.                             

We are grateful that confession leads to peace

and leaves us with the assurance that we are forgiven, cleansed, and set free by Your grace.                                  Without confession, we stay stuck

in our same old patterns of sin.

Forgiving God,
You have asked us to bear fruit in our lives
and to share our faith with others.

Yet so many times we have failed You in doing this.
We have let You down and let ourselves down.
Our thoughts and words have failed You;
we have missed opportunities to speak up for our belief in You,
choosing to remain silent instead of witnessing for You.
Our discipleship has been weak and often non-existent.
We are ashamed of our weaknesses, faults, greed,

selfishness, envy, and pride.
Our faith has been shallow,

and we have failed You in so many ways.

In Your forgiving mercy and grace
cleanse our hearts and minds that we may better serve You
and so that we can feel strengthened
to follow You more faithfully each day.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession                                                         

Gracious God
we pray for those who struggle against You

in thought, word and deed.

We pray for those who knowingly flout Your will
and exploit others for their own gain.

We pray for those who put their trust and faith in false gods,
who know there is something missing in their lives
but deny that it is You –
instead seeking refuge in money, possessions, and success.

We pray for our world that is broken and in pain.
For those who are in sorrow and need.
For the hungry, poor, and lonely.
For the sick and bereaved.
Be their rock and constant companion through difficult and dark days.

Draw near to all and grant the peace of Your presence,
the healing of Your touch and Your guidance
and assurance of love
so that all who are weak and weary
may walk in hope and faith.


The God who called us here
is now sending us out into the world
to put the words we have heard

into action.                                                                        As we have worshipped together
now let us leave here renewed and refreshed
to share the good news with those we meet.

The Grace



Call to Worship

Happy are those who do not follow the advice of the wicked
but instead delight in wisdom of the Lord.
In God we will delight!

They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield fruit in its season,
and their leaves do not wither.

In God we will delight!

God will watch over them and they will prosper.
In God we will delight!

Come, you happy people, you who delight in the Lord,
let us worship the Lord with gladness.
In God we will delight!


Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession

God of wisdom,
Whose knowledge is too wonderful for us,
Who created the world and all that it contains,
Who knows each blade of grass and hair upon our head,
We are grateful for the part we play in Your vision for creation
And we offer You praise for Your infinite love for us and our world.

God of parables,
we give You thanks for Jesus,
who brings Your wisdom to us through parables and stories,
through love and action,
through prayer and sacrifice.
We thank You that even when we are not wise enough to grasp Your message,
Your love for us never falters
and Your patience with us is unceasing.

God of inspiration,
we thank You that we are not You,
that we do not have to hold all that You hold,
that we have limits and we are limited,
yet You still trust us to be partners in Your creation.

By the power of the Holy Spirit,
encourage us in our journey with You,
inspire us to live for Your kingdom,
seeking Your wisdom in all we say and do.

Merciful God,
we confess that we think we know what is best.
We go our own way instead of Yours.
We fill our needs before the needs of others.
We speak to suit our mind instead of Your will.
We take without question and use without thought.

Forgive us for relying on our own wisdom instead of Yours.
Forgive us for the times we have ignored the injustices
our greed and desire for dominance have created.
Forgive us for when our words cut and hurt and harm
instead of lift up and heal and renew.
Forgive us for the ways in which we place ourselves at the centre of Your creation
instead of part of it.

Amend what we are,
direct what we shall be,
so that we may delight in Your wisdom
and walk in Your ways,
To the glory of Your holy name.
Through Christ our Lord,




Prayers of Intercession

Let us bring the needs of the church, the world,

and all in need,
to God's loving care.

God of heaven and earth,
through Jesus Christ You promise to hear us when we pray to You in His name.
Confident in Your love and mercy
we offer our prayer.

Empower the church throughout the world

in its life and witness.
Break down the barriers that divide,
that, united in Your truth and love,
the church may confess Your name,
share one baptism,
sit together at one table,
and serve You in one common ministry.

Guide the rulers of the nations.
Move them to set aside their fear, greed, and vain ambition,
and bow to Your sovereign rule.
Inspire them to strive for peace and justice,
that all Your children may dwell secure,
free of war and injustice.

Hear the cries of the world's hungry and suffering.
Give us, who consume most of the earth's resources, the will to reorder our lives,
that all may have their rightful share of the food, medical care, and shelter,
and so have the necessities of a life of dignity.

Restore among us a love of the earth You created for our home.
Help us put an end to ravishing its land, air, and waters,
and give us respect for all Your creatures,
that, living in harmony with everything You have made,
Your whole creation may resound in an anthem of praise to Your glorious name.

Renew our nation in the ways of justice and peace.
Guide those who make and administer our laws
to build a society based on trust and respect.
Erase prejudices that oppress;
free us from crime and violence;
guard our youth from the perils of drugs and materialism.
Give all citizens a new vision of a life of harmony.

Strengthen this congregation in its work and worship.
Fill our hearts with Your self-giving love,
that our voices may speak Your praise,
and our lives may conform to the image of Your Son.
Nourish us with Your Word and sacraments
that we may faithfully minister in Your name,
and witness to Your love and grace for all the world.

Look with compassion on all who suffer.
Support with Your love
those with incurable and stigmatised diseases,
those unjustly imprisoned,
those denied dignity,
those who live without hope,
those who are homeless or abandoned.

As You have moved toward us in love,
so lead us to be present with them in their suffering
in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sustain those among us who need your healing touch.
Make the sick whole.
Give hope to the dying.
Comfort those who mourn.
Uphold all who suffer in body or mind,
not only those we know and love
but also those known only to You,
that they may know the peace and joy of Your supporting care.

O God,
in Your loving purpose
answer our prayers and fulfil our hopes.
In all things for which we pray,
give us the will to seek to bring them about,
for the sake of Jesus Christ                                                    Amen.

The Blessing

may you know the limits of your humanness
and learn to lean on the limitlessness of God,
may you be wise enough to trust not your own wisdom,
but the wisdom of God.

And may the Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make His face to shine upon you
and be gracious unto you,

the Lord lift up His countenance upon you
and give you peace.




Approach to God

Holy God, Maker of All,
we come to You in worship
offering our praise and prayer
in wonder at all You have made.

With all creation our voices rise to You
and proclaim Your enduring faithfulness.

Come to us in the power of Your life-giving Spirit
and enliven our hearts and minds
to respond in faith and trust
to the knowledge of Your love and grace.


Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession

Generous, loving, and life-giving God
we thank You for the precious gift of this world
and for the glory of the creation in which it is set.

We thank You for sustaining us in life
and nurturing us each day of our lives
as we grow in faith and commitment
to the good news of Jesus Christ
and in growing awareness
of our responsibility to nurture the life of the world
and of our duty to care for all creation.

We thank You for Your word in Scripture
in poetry and prophecy and law,
and the living Word who is Jesus Christ,
One with You in the beginning
through whom all things were made.

We thank You for Your Holy Spirit
that brings us to new life in Christ,
leading and inspiring us
to bear witness to Your
goodness, glory and love.

Before You, O God, we confess our sin;
we acknowledge our brokenness,
and the brokenness of our world.

We have said and done
many things which cause harm
to ourselves, to others, and to the world,
and for which we are truly sorry.

We have failed to say, and do
the things which show love
to each other and for You.
We admit that we often fail
to live and behave as You command.

We exploit and abuse the gifts of creation,
and live lives careless of our environment
and of the lives of those who share this world with us.

Knowing that You are compassionate,
merciful, and ever-faithful,
we ask Your forgiveness,
and Your healing of all that is wrong;
that You will restore us to fullness of life
to serve and love the world in Jesus' name.


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

O God, You have promised to hear all our prayers
offered in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Hear us now, as we pray for our world and all its peoples,
for Your church, and for ourselves.

O God of life, hear us and sustain us.

We pray for Your work in creation,
and for all that You have made;
sun moon and stars,
earth and sky and sea
all that lives and breathes
this is the work of Your hands.

Teach us to treasure and nurture
the gift You have given,
that what we have received as blessing
may in turn bless generations to come.

O God of life, hear us and sustain us.

May Your church in the world
speak and act to proclaim the Good News
of life given, of life renewed,
of life in fullness that is Your promise;

Lead Your people into new unity of purpose
to be Your prophets in our own time,
speaking out and challenging
injustice, exploitation and persecution,
seeking peace, justice and reconciliation
between peoples and nations,
to bring an end to the destruction
and violence that is fed by greed
and the lust for power.

O God of life, hear us and sustain us.

We pray for people of every nation,
and for their leaders:
that those who have power and authority
to shape our society and our world
may have wisdom and understanding,
to discern Your intention and Your will,
to work to preserve and restore
the damage inflicted on nature
by human greed and selfishness.

O God of life, hear us and sustain us.

Pour out Your Spirit upon us, O God,
that we may have the courage
to speak to our convictions
and bear powerful witness
in our own lives and lifestyles
to Your desire for a just sharing
of this world's resources,
that every person in every place
might live with dignity.

God of life, hear us and sustain us.

As You did in ancient times,
so Jesus did also, feeding the hungry
healing the sick, protecting and saving
Your people in time of distress and danger.

Help us to live in the world
as those who seek to help and to heal
the wounds of heart and mind
of body and soul,
in making Your love known.

O God of life, hear us and sustain us

For we offer all our prayers in the name of Jesus,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever

Blessing (The words of this blessing are from Guatemala)

The peace of the earth be with you
The peace of the heavens too;
The peace of the rivers be with you,
The peace of the oceans too.
Deep peace falling over you;
God's peace growing in you.