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Call to Worship


Great is our God, and greatly to be praised,

the joy of all the earth.

We have contemplated your faithful love, O God,

in the midst of your temple.

God’s grace is sufficient for us,

Christ’s power is made perfect in our weakness.

Your right hand alone gives us the victory.

Let the sons of God be glad!

Let the daughters of God rejoice,


Prayer of Approach


 O God our Maker, you constantly renew the face of the earth.

We worship and adore you!

O God our Liberator, you constantly renew our salvation.

We worship and adore you!

O God our Helper, you constantly renew our sagging hopes and waning love.

We worship and adore you!

 Most wonderful God, let us bring our dearest joy to worship

and let our worship enlarge our dearest joy.

For your love’s sake.



Prayer of Thanksgiving


We give you all thanks and praise, O God,
joy of all the earth,
for your grace is sufficient for us,
and your strength is always there in our weakness.
You created the heavens and the earth and all that live in them
and gave yourself to us to be our guide forever.
You gave your people great leaders, like David,
to shepherd them in peace and righteousness.

Your son, Jesus, came teaching with astounding wisdom
and bringing freedom and healing at the touch of his hands.
Like the prophets he was not honoured in his own town,
and was crucified by his own nation,
but you raised him from the dead,
displaying your perfect power in his weakness.
Now he has entrusted us with his mission
of casting out evil and proclaiming your steadfast love
from the holy mountain to the ends of the earth.

Therefore, with our hearts lifted high,
we offer you thanks and praise at all times
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.



Prayer of Confession


If we have been so busy that we don’t notice the needs of others,

or have resented those who do take time to be kind and generous,

or have disgraced our faith by becoming self absorbed:

Forgive us, loving God, and save us from ourselves.


If we have been too proud to undertake humble tasks,

or too impatient to do tasks that have no immediate reward,

or too stubborn to seek the help of others.

Forgive us, loving God, and save us from ourselves.


If we have magnified small wrongs done to us,

or have allowed tiny difficulties to frustrate us,

or have been thick-skinned, inflexible or unteachable.

Forgive us, loving God, and save us from ourselves.                                                                        Amen.


Assurance of Pardon


My fellow pilgrims on Christ’s mountain road, take heart.

God does not have to be persuaded to forgive us;

it is more likely our pride that holds us back from accepting forgiveness.

Please, for Christ’s sake,

let down your guard, open you mind and heart,

repent and accept the Gospel of free grace.


In Christ there is grace.

In Christ there is peace.

In Christ there is love and joy.

Thanks be to God!                                                              Amen.

The Lord`s Prayer



Prayers of Intercession


Heavenly Father, Your Son endured rejection in this world.

You lead us likewise through a hostile world that shows no honour to Your Church or its wisdom.                                      Do not let us lose heart. Stengthen us for opposition,          and let us rest confidently on what You, Lord, have said.                                                                                             Holy God, Your great and mighty work is to create faith by Your Holy Spirit in the eternal blessings of Your Son, Christ Jesus. We implore You, make Your preachers effective to proclaim Your prophetic Word, and remove all stubborn ears from our midst. Do not leave us without Your Word, but make Your home among us and restore the joy of Your salvation.                                                                                            O Lord, soften the hearts in every home.                         

Turn parents and children toward each other

in love and patience.

Banish the spirit of stubbornness and rebellion from all. Sanctify us in Your truth.                                                                                            Almighty God, protect and defend our nation from its enemies. Support our leaders, and preserve them from temptation. Through the work of all civil authorities, enable us to live a quiet and peaceable life according to Your Word.


Gracious Lord, in our weakness we are strong for the sake of Christ, whose grace is sufficient for every need.

Give comfort to those whose pain is chronic, whose sustained suffering is unknown, who wrestle with difficult thorns in body or mind, or who are tempted to despair.

In weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions and calamities, let us boast in Christ and His cross, by which we and our sufferings are sanctified.                                                                                                                                               

O Lord, out of Your abundant blessing You satisfy us with Christ, the bread of life.

Give repentance and faith to all who commune this day,

that finding refuge in Your Son’s true body and blood,

we may taste and see that You are good.                                   

All these things and whatever else You know that we need,      grant us, Father, for the sake of Him who died and rose again and now lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,

one God forever.                                                                    Amen.


Commission & Benediction

Go now, and wherever people will hear you,
proclaim the life-changing love of God.
Do not fear your weakness,
for when you are weakest, Christ’s strength is known.
Travel lightly, live simply,
and honour those who welcome the gospel.

And may God be your protection and safe haven;
May the power of Christ Jesus dwell in you;
and may the Holy Spirit be your guide forever.

We go in peace to love and serve the Lord,
In the name of Christ.




Prayers of Approach, Thanksgiving and Confession


God, our God
This morning we gather to worship You.
We come together, each of us from our own lives,
with our own thoughts, and hopes, and worries.
Let us bring our hearts, with all that weighs on them,

before You this morning in worship.                                                                                                                              And unburden us, do not let us be weighed down,
but instead send Your Spirit anew among us,

and clear in our hearts and minds                              

a space to focus on You and our relationship with You.

For we come, thirsty – longing for refreshment.
For we come hungry – longing for sustenance.
We come as Your children: and long to know Your love.

And here in this place of prayer;
in this quiet and un-laboured time
we can trace the steps of the paths that brought us here.
Our Sunday morning waking and journey here;
our Saturday and the week that has been.
As Your people, we’ve known joy, comfort, fatigue, and pain;
love and hope, loneliness and strain.
But as we cast our thoughts back, Lord,
give us eyes to see that You have been with us all along.
Gives us hearts to know of Your presence,
not just today,
but every day in our walk with You,
and that in our worship we will remember Your constancy        in every moment of our lives.

You are the God who freely loves.
You have no needs or requirements;                                      the whole universe belongs to You:
yet as infinite, majestic and glorious God:
You concern Yourself with us.
You care for us.
You know us.

In Jesus Christ You walked among us

and demonstrated a love so perfect,
that all human history will unravel before we will comprehend its depth, width, and height.

God of justice,
We thank You for Your truth and justice.
For prophetic words of hope spoken at the right time.
We thank You for those who speak in Your name.
Those who tell truth to power,

no matter the likely consequence.

Those who seek peace.
Those who press for justice.
Those who will not be swayed from the truth.

Throughout the history of Your people,

You have given Your Spirit to prophets.
Those who bear witness to Your love,
and the transformation possible by Your power.

It is, then, all too tragic

how poorly we reflect Your love.                                              How often we shrink from the inheritance

of being Your children;
and how readily we shirk the responsibility to love

as we have been loved.                         

There can be no excuse for our faults;
there can be no justification for the ways we inhibit the fruitful living of others;
or for the damage we do to this world and to ourselves.

We confess that we have sinned.

We have no hope but Your forgiveness;
And so we ask it: in hope and in trust that Your love,
Your perfect love – made human in Jesus Christ
who walked among us and knows every hair on our heads        and every movement of our lives,
speaks quietly to our troubled souls:
I do not condemn you:
go, and sin no more.                                          

And so, rejoicing in the life of Christ,

and in the joy of the Holy Spirit,
we ask You restore us anew,

and shape us in Your ways.                                              Amen.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

God of love and freedom, of hope and joy,
we pray for those who long to be free,
For those wrongly imprisoned.
For those imprisoned because of a fight for justice,
because they spoke out

against the tyranny of their government,
because they protest the actions for their state,
because they have a faith that is censored.

We pray for those who seek asylum

and refuge from their past;
and who now live in detention centres.

We pray for those who are detained for their own safety and wellbeing, but long to be free.

We pray for all those whose freedom falls victim                      to the greater power of an unjust majority.

We pray for those whose helplessness

condemns them to a form of slave labour.
For those working unbearably long hours with little or not pay.
For those increasing number of people trafficked,

human lives bought and sold.
We pray for those who long to be free.

For those who know daily pain,                                              and who are overwhelmed with the struggle of coping.
For those who have a diagnosis

that feels like an incarcerating sentence.
For those whose health curtails a freedom they used to know.

We pray for those who are trapped

by the snares self-contempt.
For those who disregard their own inherent worth

and loveliness,
and long to be free for love.
For those who are not free to love who, or how,

or where their heart leads them.

We pray for those who long to be free,
for those who are condemned by poverty.
For those whose hunger becomes like shackles.
For those who feel unemployment to be liberty-deprived.

We pray for those who long to be free,
for those who wish to be free of the pain of this life.
And for those who mourn the passing of one dear to them.
For all those who have loved freely and long to again.

God: Father, Son and Spirit,
You are the God who loves freely:
the God whose love is unconditional and infinite.
You love each of us eternally: enfold us into Your embrace;
grant the freedom of Your people

and the fulfilment of our prayers.

All this we pray, for the sake and in the name of Your son

Jesus Christ,



The Grace



Prayer of Approach (using Psalm 89)

I will sing of Your steadfast love, O Lord, forever;
with my mouth I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations.                                                     

Lord God, we gather at this brief moment of time
to give You praise for everything and forever.
Your love, like Yourself, has no beginning or end.
Your faithfulness is eternal.
The majesty of the heavens and the myriad wonders of earth
bear witness to Your providence.

Prayer of Thanksgiving (using the Ephesians passage)

Good and gracious Father,
We give thanks for blessings
of home and family,
of education and nurture,
of art and science.

For all who make peace, for all who build bridges,
for all who have learned to forgive the past, we give thanks.
For all good people, and for all lovely things,
we bless Your marvellous creation.

For our identity in Christ,
and for those who have explained this

and loved it into our lives,
we are truly grateful.
For our place in Christ’s church,
for opportunities to serve and to be served,
we say thank You.

For the wonderful story of our salvation,
for the prophets and apostles who named it,
for the scriptures which carried it into our own history,
we bless Your marvellous purpose.

We thank You that Jesus Christ did not only live for us,
but died and rose again for us.
We give thanks that He lives as the cornerstone of the universe,
that we are built with Him into a holy temple,
unseen yet strong and lasting.

He is our peace: He is peace within our own lives,
He is peace between us all, and His peace is a gift for every situation.
We bless Your marvellous name.                                            Amen.

Prayer of Confession                                                         

You have no competitor, no rival, no substitute.
You are right and You are just, Your plans for us are good.
We cannot exhaust Your love,

we cannot get our heads around it,
but Your word declares what You are like,
and in Jesus Christ we see enough to satisfy us forever.

Lord, there are things which contradict all this.
We do not see Your will being done on earth.
We admit to times when we ourselves have failed You,
by what we have done or what we have omitted to do.
We have sinned, and we have been sinned against.
Have mercy upon us.
Have mercy on our friends.
Have mercy on our enemies,
for Your name’s sake.

O God,
our time on earth is short, and Your purpose is long.
Guide us in the business that lies ahead this week.
Help us in the things that challenge us.
Keep us faithful.
Grant us wisdom, and true humility,
as we journey with You before us and behind us,
above us and within us,
through Jesus Christ and in the power of His Spirit.                  Amen.

The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession (using the Gospel passage)

Let us ask God for rest for the weary ...
We pray for those who are sick

and weighed down in body or spirit,

for those who are overworked,
for those who need a break,
for those who near  the end of life.
May they know Your peace.

Let us ask God to guide those who are lost or perplexed ...
We pray for all who need shepherding,
and for those who teach and guide others,
in their work, in their home, in their voluntary service.
May they give and receive Your peace.

Let us ask God to provide for the hungry ...
We pray for all who hunger and thirst,
for relief organisations,
for the governments of the world,
for those who rule in our Island state.
May they find peace, create peace, work for peace.

Let us ask God to open places for good news ...
We pray for people who do not know how much You love them,
and for all who share the gospel.
May Your Spirit break down barriers, open hearts,
bring peace.

Let us ask God to hear the prayers of our own minds and hearts ...

These and all our prayers we ask in the name of Jesus,




Do not fear or be dismayed,                                              you are eternally safe in the arms of Jesus.
Now may the Lord God shepherd you with His Word and Spirit,
and gather you at the last into His fold.

And the blessing of God almighty,                                          The Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
be with you and those dear to you,
this day and every day.                                                          Amen.




Call to Prayer                                                                                                                                          

God is near to all who call on Him.
He listens when we pray.
So let’s bring our prayers to God with confidence,
knowing that He will hear and answer (Psalm 145: 14, 18)

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Confession                                                                                                                              God of miracle,
provider of daily bread,
word of life and love,
we thank You for the gift
of Your Son Jesus, living bread,
broken and shared for all.

We thank You
that even the crumbs of our lives
and of our labours
are useful to You
in the service of Your kingdom.

We thank You
for Your endless overflowing grace
that knows no bounds
even as we seek to limit it
through our bad choices.

Lord God
You heap Your love upon us
like a parent providing
for their family’s needs.
Forgive us when, like spoilt children,
we treat Your generosity as our right
or hug it possessively.
Forgive us that we have kept
what we have to ourselves
rather than offering it up to You
that You might feed and sustain others.

Forgive us that we have failed
to be concerned about the waste
that our society produces.
Forgive us when have wanted more for ourselves
at the cost of another.
We are sorry, Lord, and in need
of Your renewing grace.

As we gather now to worship You,
fill us with anticipation of Your word to us.
Strengthen us for service,
feed and renew us that we might share
in Your purpose in giving life to the world.
In Jesus’ name we pray.


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession                                                         

Lord God
As You heard the cries of Your people
in the wilderness and fed them bread from heaven,
as we remember how Jesus nourished Your people
with words of justice and compassion
hear us today as we pray for our world.

We pray for those whose daily need
for food, clean water
and proper shelter goes un-met
and for those misusing what they have
in the vain pursuit of pleasure.
Feed them with a sense of justice and fairness
That they might stand firm in their right
To a decent life for all people now.

We pray for those whose lives have been broken
by violence and crime, conflict and struggle.
Feed them with courage and anticipation
of a life beyond the barriers which hold them back.

We pray for those who are sick or sorrowing
and those who care for and console them.
We pray especially for those we know personally
who are facing difficulties at this time
and who we name in a time of silence…
Fill them, Lord, with Your healing presence
and remind them of Your promises.

We pray for those who have lost faith
in themselves and in You
and who struggle to find meaning in life.
focus their eyes on You, Lord,
and give them hope for a new day.

We pray for ourselves that we might be filled
with energy to serve You better in our daily living.
And that we might, even in our doubt,
be reminded that You will never turn away
Or abandon us.
May we always look to You
As the one who gives us life.
All this we ask in Jesus’ name.



Dismissal and Blessing                                                       

Go now, to be nourished
in the love of God;
to be generous
in the way of Christ Jesus
and to be filled and fuelled
by the living Spirit.

And may the blessing of God,
Creator, Redeemer  and Sustainer
be with you and those you love
today and always. Amen.                                                                                                                                                             Amen