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Prayer of Approach

We come, God of the journey: 
a people from different places,                                                different histories, different cultures. 
We come hoping to find companionship for the journey,
solidarity for the struggle. 

We gather, God of Hospitality, around your ‘welcome table’, 
a table not yet round, but rounding. 
We gather seeeking to become a ’round-table people,
welcoming of all, with no preferred seating, 
no firsts and no lasts, and no corners for the ‘least of these’. 

We yearn, God of diversity, for a new way of living and relating
as neighbours not strangers,
as brothers and sisters, not ‘them and us’. 
We yearn to live fully,

celebrating both the diversity of our human family,                  and the unity of our call to peace, love and justice.                  Amen. 


Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession

The whole of Creation shouts its adoration, to You our God;
our glorious world proclaims your power and love.
Every tree and flower tells of your might, the stars, the sun and moon, the changing seasons, of your amazing care of us.
What are we that you are mindful of us, what is humankind that you care for us so much.

What a gracious, faithful God You are,

that Your love for us is new every morning

and we awake to a new start as your new creations,

ready to soar and fly,

free from past mistakes and difficulties.

We thank you for this gift of creation,

the gift of life,                                                                     the gift of our lives,
we thank you also for the faculties which enable us to enjoy it; our eyes to see the wonders of your world,                              our ears to hear speech and the sound of music,                      our lips with which to talk and sing,                                        our hands for working                                                            and our feet for walking.
Make us daily grateful for all your gifts                                    and help us to use them all for your glory.

Forgive our neglect of you, our world and our neighbours.
Help us build a place of love, kindness,

honesty, truthfulness and faith;
a touching place where we can all catch hold of your vision for us and your world; where everyone is gathered in.
Help us always to do what is right, to think what is right,        and to say what is right, for the benefit of ourselves,         those we come into contact with, and for you our Creator,      through Jesus Christ.                                                            Amen.


The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession                                                

Let us pray to the Lord, who is our refuge and stronghold.        For the health and well-being of our nation,
that all who are fearful and anxious
may be at peace and free from worry:                                    Lord, hear us.

For the isolated and housebound,
that we may be alert to their needs,
and care for them in their vulnerability:                                Lord, hear us.

For our homes and families,
our schools and young people,
and all in any kind of need or distress:

Lord, hear us.


For a blessing on our local community,
that our neighborhoods may be places of trust and friendship,
where all are known and cared for:

Lord, hear us.


We commend ourselves, and all for whom we pray,
to the mercy and protection of God.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers
for the sake of your Son,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.                                                        Amen.



Dismissal and Blessing                                                         

Go out into the world in peace,

and in Christ’s name be –
the humble who make others proud
the poor who have riches to share
the weak who help others be strong
the empty who overflow with loving kindness. 

And the largess of the love of God,
and the treasure of the grace of Christ Jesus,
and the buoyant health of the Holy Spirit
be with you now and forever.                                            Amen. 


Call to Worship

The Lord answer you in the day of trouble! The name of the God of Jacob protect you! May he send you help from the sanctuary, and give you support from Zion. (Psalm 20: 1,2)

Prayers of Approach,Thanksgiving and Confession                   

Living God, in our desire for meaning and purpose in life,
You remind us that You are available to us in our hour of need.
As we reach out in our times of searching,
You promise us that You will listen

and answer beyond our imaginings.
When we place our trust in our human enterprises,
You call us back to Your holy place, to meet with You,

and to rest in Your presence.

Forgive us for putting our trust in the things of the world.
When others look for success in their chariot and horses

in times of battle,
let us put our trust in Your ways.
When the world builds success on power and control,
let us believe in Your ways of building a kingdom

of righteousness and love.
When we fall short of all You expect of us,
let us hold to Your promise that You will pick us up again,
and set out feet on Your path once more.

So we turn from human enterprise to the Kingdom of God,
from human failure to the forgiveness of God,
from human weakness to the strength of God,
from human focus to the purpose of God our Lord.

We praise Your name,
and rejoice in the love and strength,
the purpose and the success,

the triumphs and growth that come,
not from our hands, but from Yours alone.
And when our time of prayers is over,
let us lift up our heads and look ahead with courage.

When our time of devotion is complete,
let us rise with confidence to service and commitment.
For You are our answer in our time of need.

You are our answer in the hour of our calling.
In Jesus’ name we pray.                                                        Amen.

The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession

Loving God,
faith, You tell us,

as small as a grain of mustard seed is always enough.

Remind us, now, that prayers, small and feeble

though we may believe them to be,
will always be enough, if they are offered in a spirit of devotion
and a willingness to be close to Your will and Your ways.

Remind us that Your will unscrambles our stumbling words,
our wayward thoughts, our random ideas,

our scattered images,
and sees in them growth and purpose,

and creates from them something beautiful for You.

We pray, now, for those closest to us –
those around us in the community of faith,

on-line, electronically, in spirit and in fellowship,

those we see face to face.

For family and friends, for church and community,
for all who matter to us in the bonds of love, we pray today.

We pray for those who are our guides for life and faith,
who point us to the ways of the Kingdom –
for the teachers of our children and students,

on-line or in class,
for their diligence and commitment;
for those who teach us our faith, but what they say and do, through what they know and are;
for all who are heroes and role models for us

and those we love,
that they might all be strengthened

in the ways of righteousness.

We pray for people who serve in community and nation,
who walk in the corridors of responsibility                                and sit in the chambers of decision-making;
for those who stand tall for what is right;
for those who give of themselves for the benefit of others,
that they may always place the greater good

above the love of self.

We pray for all in need, broken or ill at ease in body,

mind or spirit.                                                                                                                                                                  And, in the silence, we name them before you ......

And what of us, small as a mustard seed,                                frail as a green shoot, fearful as an uncertain plant?
Strengthen us in our growth;
take us and use us for your purposes;
let us believe in Your ways

and not in our own success and failures.  
For we are Yours, and Yours alone.                                          In Jesus’ name we pray.                                                        Amen.

Closing Prayer and Blessing

God is good.
God’s purposes are just.
God’s way is right.
God’s road is ours to follow.
Christ’s truth is our guide.
His message is for our salvation.
The Spirit gives us life.
Our fullness and hopefulness are secured.

So go now, in the goodness of God,
to walk God’s Way,
to follow God’s Truth,
to live God’s Life,
and to be embraced,
now and always,
by God’s blessings.                                                                Amen




Father’s Day Call to Worship  (based on Psalm 103)


Come, bless the Lord with me!

For the Lord is like a father to his children

compassionate and merciful,

filled with endless love.

He forgives our sins,

and heals the sickness inside us;

he surrounds us with love and mercy

and fills our lives with good things!

Let us worship God together!


Prayers of Adoration and Confession

Loving God,

we come on this Father’s Day,

reminded that you are the Father of us all.

You have been with us from our birth,

guiding, nurturing and sustaining us.

Father God.

we praise you.


You have taught us and brought us to maturity,

always concerned for our welfare,

constantly seeking the best for us.

Father God.

we praise you.


Whenever we have needed you, you have been there,

willing to listen and advise,

yet giving us the freedom to make our own choices

and find our own way.

Father God.

we praise you.


You have called us to be your family,

a people united through your son, Jesus Christ,

and through him you have revealed your love,

a love that reaches out to us day by day

despite our failure to love you in return.

Father God we praise you.


Teach us to live as your children –

to hear your voice,

obey your instruction,

and respond to your goodness.

Father God we praise you.


Teach us to bear your name with pride,

to share with others,

through word and deed,

the joy you have given us.

Father God we praise you.


And finally, receive our thanks,

for the fathers you have given us,

all they have meant to us,

all they have given,

and all they have done in so many ways.

Father God we praise you.


O God, Father that you are,

you know what is right for us,

but too often we only want our way or no way,

instead of your way.

Have mercy upon us when we turn from you.


Forgive us when we do not realize

your fatherly love and direction for us.

Have mercy upon us indeed,

and teach us anew how to follow you,

Father that you are.

We pray this through your Son,

our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,                                        Amen.


The Lord`s Prayer


Prayers of Intercession

Gracious God,

You know the joy of fatherhood and also the pain,

for you witnessed the life and death of your Son,

and you see each day the triumphs and tragedies of us,

your children.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


In Jesus you experienced the delight of being a father –

as you watched him grow and mature into adulthood,

as you saw him baptised into the Jordan,

as day by day he responded to your guidance,

faithful to the very last –

a beloved son with whom you were well pleased.

Yet you also experienced agony –

in the horror of the Cross,

the pain, the humiliation,

and the sorrow he endured for our sakes.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


In each of us you find pleasure –

when we pursue what is good,

when we honour your commandments,

when we seek your will and respond to your guidance.

But we cause you also so much pain –

through our weakness,

our repeated disobedience,

our deafness to your call and our rejection of our love.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


Gracious God,

you know the joy and the pain of fatherhood,

and so now we pray for fathers everywhere.

Help them to appreciate both the privilege

and the responsibility they bear,

and teach them to give freely of themselves

so that they may discover the happiness,

the fulfilment and the inexpressible rewards

that fatherhood brings.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


Give them wisdom, patience and dedication,

and grant them strength to persevere

when children bring tears as well as laughter,

anxiety as well as hope, pain as well as pleasure.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


Reach out, we pray, to all fathers in such circumstances –

those who question their ability to cope,

or fear they have failed;

those striving to offer support,

or feel they have nothing left to give.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love.


And finally, hear our prayer for children

who on this Father’s day feel pain instead of joy –

those whose fathers have died, those orphaned as children,

those who have been mistreated, rejected, abused,

and those from broken homes

who barely see or know their fathers.

Lord God our Father, reach out in love,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Benediction for Father’s Day (based on Psalm 103)


As you go from here, remember this:

God’s love is from everlasting to everlasting,

from generation to generation.

Just as a father has compassion on his children

so God has compassion on those fear him,

who listen to his voice, and who do his will.

Go out in the knowledge

that the everlasting love of God goes with you.


The Grace




Call to Worship (Psalm 130)

Wait for the Lord, like those who hope in God’s mercy.
God’s steadfast love endures forever.
Watch for God, like those who eagerly await the morning.
We watch for God, whose power redeems us.
Hear God’s hopeful word, like those who long for pardon.
Sing praise to God and rejoice in God’s love.


Opening Prayer (Mark 5)

Loving God,
we are yours.
We come as we are,
with our cares and concerns.
We long to touch you
and find healing in your embrace.
Strengthen our faith
and heal our brokenness,
that we may worship you with joy.                                     

Gracious God,
we thank you for our present abundance
and for the many blessings
you have bestowed upon this community.
We thank you for our faith,
for our knowledge of you,
and for the assurance of your love.
May all these gifts be a blessing
to those in need.

Prayer of Confession (Psalm 130, Mark 5)

Out of the depths of despair,
we cry to you, O God.
We are lost in a world
of pain and suffering.

When we put our trust in weapons of war,
we find no peace.
When we put our faith in our own resources,
we feel the ache of our true needs.
When we put our hope in the health of our bodies,
we suffer pain and find no healing.

Come to us, O God.
Forgive our doubts and fears.
Heal our brokenness,
that we may rejoice in your steadfast love. Loving God,
let your word speak to our hearts.

Come and heal our brokenness
and restore us to life.
Comfort our grieving hearts.
Teach us to share from our abundance.
By your word,
transform us into your holy people.


Assurance of Pardon (Psalm 130)

There is forgiveness and healing with God.
God’s steadfast love
has the power to redeem our brokenness
and make us whole.                                                             


The Lord`s Prayer

Prayers of Intercession                                                         

Believing in the power of Jesus to heal

and bring forth new life,                                                

let us place our prayers into His hands.

We pray for leaders, civil and religious,                                    that they would act as true shepherds of compassion

and justice for those entrusted to their care.

We pray for those who are struggling

and suffering hardships;                                                

may the knowledge and awareness

of the blessings that God has showered upon them

bring them hope and renewed strength.                                       

We pray for the times when we encounter despair and fear,      that may we may recall your Spirit within                              so that our actions will bear witness to Your presence.

We pray that we may we imitate the generous acts of Jesus and share our abundance of gifts and blessings freely

with those in need.

We pray in thanksgiving for healing.

May we not only acknowledge the power of Jesus

to heal all physical and spiritual illnesses,

but be truly thankful for this great grace in our world.

We pray for families as they encounter the conflicting values of our culture; may they be guided and directed by your Spirit.

We pray for the strength to rise from sin.

May we freely place our need for forgiveness from sin into God's hands, believing beyond all doubt that God will forgive us and raise us to new life.

We pray that those who have died may enjoy the full hope and promise of the resurrection, especially those most near and dear to us.

These our payers we offer in the name of Christ,                      Amen.

The Dismissal (Mark 5)                                                         

Christ’s touch has healed you.
God’s love has restored you.
The Spirit goes with you.

Go in peace to share the joy of God’s love.

The Grace